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10. 11. 2020

Occupational medical examination of employees at the state of emergency

On 16 October 2020, the Czech Government adopted Resolution No. 1049 on the adoption of a crisis measure[1] regulating the conduct of occupational health examinations during the state of emergency. The resolution regulates initial medical examinations as well as periodic medical examinations and also stipulates how occupational health service providers should proceed after the end …

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09. 11. 2020

Amendment of criminal regulations: shift to the model of confessions, negotiating the type and amount of punishment and emphasis on property punishment of perpetrators

On 1 October 2020, Act No. 333/2020 Sb., Amending Act No. 40/2009 Sb., The Criminal Code, as amended, Act No. 141/1961 Sb., On Criminal Procedure (Criminal Procedure Code), as amended, and some other laws entered into force. This is a relatively significant amendment, the main goal of which, as declared by the legislator, is to …

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02. 11. 2020

Bodies of capital companies – legal entities in the role of members and posting right

We hereby bring you another article within our series, in which we gradually focus on the changes brought by the extensive amendment to the Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on Commercial Companies and Cooperatives, as amended (hereinafter the “Business Corporations Act”) , which takes effect on 1 January 2021. The aim of this article is to present …

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29. 10. 2020

Up-to-date information about Antivirus – regime B extension and inspections

On 26 October 2020, the Government extended the regime B of the Antivirus program until the end of 2020 and thus continued the extension of the regime A of the Antivirus program, which was approved by the Government on 14 October 2020. Antivirus regime B extension Antivirus Regime B is intended for cases where employees …

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