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15. 10. 2021

New Rules on Personal Data Transfer outside the EU

The cross-border transfer of personal data is a phenomenon without which international business cannot perform, and is common not only in global platforms such as SaaS[1] solutions, but also in the in-house data management of multinational corporations within shared systems (CRM, HR, etc.). In general Most contracts regulating or relating to the transfer of personal …

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04. 10. 2021

Tomáš Jančar – our new junior lawyer

Since October, Tomáš Jančar has joined our team as a junior lawyer. Tomáš graduated from the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague. He gains experience mainly in the fields of civil law, contract law and intellectual property law in another czech law firms. As a legal asistant he was working also for Czech Olympic …

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23. 09. 2021

Emerging insolvency from the perspective of statutory body members and restructuring in the Czech legal environment

This article is a loose follow-up to our previous article on the increased risk of liability of members of the statutory body in the event of bankruptcy of a business corporation under the new legislation effective as of 1 January 2021. The aim of this article is to provide members of the statutory body of business corporations …

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09. 09. 2021

Jan Ptáčník and Martin Heinzel became senior attorneys

Jan Ptáčník and Martin Heinzel became the very first senior attorney in PEYTON legal. Honza and Martin have been proving their expertise and professional maturity for a long time, so we are not afraid to entrust them with complicated cases. Honza focuses primarily on litigation, civil law, and the contractual agenda. Martin Heinzel specializes mainly …

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