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28. 04. 2023

Current status of the amendment to the Labour Code and an overview of expected changes

In early April 2023, the government of the Czech Republic approved a draft of an extensive and long-discussed amendment to the Labour Code, moving it further along in the legislative process. Status of the amendement With the exception of some changes, which we draw your attention to later in this article, the amendment was approved …

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02. 03. 2023

Extent of employer’s liability in dealing with industrial injuries

In addition to its undeniable advantages, the employment of persons also brings with it negative consequences, one of which is the employer’s liability arising in connection with work accidents of employees. If an employee is injured at work, the employer is obliged to follow the procedures laid down by law and at the same time …

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28. 02. 2023

Extension of temporary protection until 31. 3. 2024 – employment of citizens of Ukraine

Temporary protection for citizens of Ukraine fleeing from the war conflict who have requested and received allowed them to reside and freely access the labour market in the Czech Republic is valid only until 31. 3. 2023. Introduction Based on Act No. 20/2023 Coll., amending Act No. 65/2022 Coll., on certain measures in connection with …

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27. 09. 2022

Overtime work and the possibility of deferring the maturity of overtime wages

Overtime work is one of the institutes of labour law, the exercise of which is permitted by the Czech Labour Code only in exceptional cases, and it is therefore associated with a number of legal consequences that may arise if the legal rules are not followed correctly. Such rules include, in particular, the determination of …

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