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Kategorie: Environmental Law

28. 11. 2022

Littering costs and a new way of accounting for single-use plastic packaging

As part of efforts to progressively prevent overuse of plastic packaging and reduce its adverse environmental impacts, in particular within the framework of the European Union’s common policy, new rules and thresholds for the use of certain single-use plastic packaging and packaging devices are gradually being introduced, among other things. Amendments to legislation At the …

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26. 10. 2022

Capping of energy prices

Introduction On 5 October 2022, the Government approved a regulation on the determination of electricity and gas prices in an extraordinary market situation, which was authorised by an amendment to the Energy Act[1].The proposal of the regulation was submitted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in response to the extraordinary situation on the electricity …

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28. 04. 2022

Ecolabelling in the Czech Republic from the legal perspective

Ecolabelling is the voluntary labelling of products and services that are demonstrably better for the environment and consumer health and are of a high quality throughout their life cycle. The main ideas of ecolabelling The ecolabel gives the customer the assurance that the product meets strict environmental criteria, which include quality raw materials, environmentally friendly …

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30. 07. 2021

How to become a partner for achieving SDGs?

As we informed our team is a part of SDGs Beach Volleyball Cup 2021 held by the Association of Social Responsibility in August. The non-sports part of the tournament promotes the idea of sustainable goals (SDGs). What are SDGs? What are SDGs? Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and …

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