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26. 01. 2022

Food labelling – voluntary indication of ‘no E’ or ‘no E added’ and statements with a similar meaning

The Ministry of Agriculture, respectively the State Veterinary Administration (SVS) and the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority (SZPI), have issued an opinion with effect from 1 July 2022, which specifies in more detail the method of voluntary labelling of food with “no E” or “no added E” and statements with similar meaning (hereinafter referred …

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10. 01. 2022

Renewal of COVID – Uncovered Costs and COVID – 2021

At the end of last year, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the renewal of the COVID – Uncovered Costs and COVID – 2021 programs. In addition to the Antivirus program and the compensation bonus, entrepreneurs will thus be able to draw one of these two compensations if their conditions are met. The programs …

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07. 01. 2022

Up-date on preventive testing of employees from 17 January 2022

With effect from 17 January 2022, the Ministry of Health has issued a new emergency measure of the Ministry of Health No.: MZDR 461/2022-1/MIN/KAN, which introduces new rules for mandatory periodic testing of employees. The emergency measure is expected to be effective for two to three weeks. Employer‘s duties Employers will have a duty to …

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04. 01. 2022

PEYTON legal in the new year 2022

As of the new year, the founder and current managing partner Martin Hájek has moved to the position of emeritus partner. Martin will continue to work at PEYTON legal as an attorney and will focus on key cases, development of the business activities and real estate projects. Jakub Málek becomes the new managing partner and …

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