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29. 11. 2023

Preventive Restructuring Act: a new framework for companies in financial difficulties

In today’s globalised world, businesses often face challenges that can lead to temporary financial difficulties. To support the resolution of such problems, Act No. 284/2023 Coll., on Preventive Restructuring, was adopted with effect from 23 September 2023. It’s aim is to transpose Directive (EU) 2019/1023[1] on restructuring and insolvency (the “Directive”) into Czech law, which offers legal …

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31. 07. 2023

ESG – a legal perspective on its content

In recent years, with increased awareness of the impacts of human activities on the environment and society, there has been a growing interest in investing in sustainable projects. One of the main conceptual frameworks that have taken center stage is the acronym ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). This article focuses on the different concepts in the …

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08. 06. 2023

The right to request the deletion of the reasons for removal from the position of a member of the body in the Commercial Register

In its recent decision, the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic dealt primarily with the question of whether a dismissed and deleted from the Commercial Register executive officer of a company is entitled to defend against the entry of facts related to his or her dismissal or deletion from the Commercial Register pursuant to Section …

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12. 12. 2022

Amendment to the transformations act

In line with the Government’s Legislative Work Plan for this year, the Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft amendment No. 1423/22 (the “Draft Amendment“) to amend Act No. 125/2008 Coll., on Transformations of Business Companies and Cooperatives, as amended (the “Transformations Act“). The proposal is intended to simplify the process of national and cross-border …

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