We provide legal services for domestic and foreign clients.


PEYTON legal provides a wide array of legal services to both Czech and foreign clients. Our attorneys have many years of experience in their respective fields of specialization. Together we take care to provide our clients with exceptional work product, and we most prize long-term relationships based on client satisfaction.

Key areas
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • legal advice regarding transfers of shares, business interests, operations, and assets; other types of acquisitions
  • preparing complex transactional documents, including escrow and security documentation
  • handling corporate restructurings (mergers, all types of distributions, changes in legal form), including cross-border restructuring
  • identifying potential risks associated with a business activity
Corporate law
  • corporate governance – legal advice on administration and management, handling relationships among members of corporate bodies
  • incorporating all types of business corporations, including European Companies (SE)
  • legal advice in stipulating shareholders’ rights and drafting shareholder agreements
Commercial law
  • comprehensive legal advice in contract law, including drafting and negotiating all types of business contracts
  • court representation in commercial disputes, including actions for damages, product liability, and unfair competition
Real estate law
  • due diligence on the current status of real property, verifying ownership title and third-party rights
  • real estate contracts (transfers, mortgages, encumbrances, leases, subleases)
  • developer projects
Food processing law
  • comprehensive legal advice in the area of food-processing law; monitoring legislative changes
Pharmaceutical law
  • legal advice in all aspects of pharmaceutical company operations
  • advertising issues, promotion of medical products, handling relations with doctors
Restructuring and Insolvency
  • legal advice to creditors and debtors in connection with insolvency proceedings, and the preparation and submission of insolvency proposals
  • representation in disputes brought in connection with insolvency proceedings
  • comprehensive legal services in corporate and group restructurings
Personal data protection
  •  comprehensive personal data privacy audits, GDPR compliance
  • reviews of overall compliance with personal data protection regulations
  • proposing and developing corrective measures
Labor law
  • drafting and reviewing all types of employment and labor-related documents
  • preparation of internal directives, signature orders
  • legal audits of labor law relations
Due diligence
  • performing legal due diligence, in particular with respect to acquisitions; identifying potential risks connected with a business activity
Additional areas
Banking, finance, capital markets
  • preparing loan and security documentation
  • establishing investment companies and investment funds
  • regulatory advice for investment companies, banks, and securities brokers
  • legal advice on securities law, bills of exchange, and cheques
Civil law
  • providing legal services in relation to personal rights, liability for damages, product liability, unjust enrichment, etc.
Project financing
  • legal advice in financing projects, project preparation, securing all necessary documents
Court disputes, arbitration, and administrative proceedings
  • representation in all types of disputes
Competition law, dawn raids
  • legal advice to companies in the areas of unfair competition, protection of competition, and state aid
  • assessment of transactions with a view to their approval by the Office for the Protection of Competition
  • drafting contracts and assessing compliance with competition law
  • representation in administrative proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition and the European Commission
Public procurement, concessions, competitive bidding, subsidies
  • legal advice in the law of public procurement, state aid, and applying for state subsidies
  • advising on the administration of public tenders and concession proceedings, drafting tender documentation, preparing bid proposals and contractual documentation, handling potential objections
  • representation in proceedings before the Office for the Protection of Competition
IP law
  • comprehensive legal counsel in the fields of copyright, IP, and patent law, including representation in trademark registration proceedings, research of registered trademarks and other related rights
  • handling IP disputes and violations of IP rights
  • assessing legal aspects of advertising, representation in disputes
  • monitoring of IP and assessment of applications