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16. 10. 2020

And back again to work from home (home office) – rules, advantages and disadvantages

A second wave of COVID-19 pandemic has hit, and since Monday, 5 October 2020, a state of emergency has once again been in force in the Czech Republic. In addition to general government restrictions, the home office regime has returned to the working lives of employees and employers as one of the preventive measures of …

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29. 07. 2020

Payment by personal data – a reality of today and its regulation?

Digital content or digital services are often supplied also where the consumer does not pay a price but provides personal data to the trader. Such business models are used in different forms in a considerable part of the market. While the current law fully recognises that the protection of personal data is a fundamental right …

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29. 11. 2019

Are tips the white elephant?

We often deal with questions from clients doing business in hospitality, services or retail regarding so called tips. You would look in vain in the Czech legal order for specific legislation of tips. It is an institute that is not explicitly regulated by any Czech legislation. In this article, we would like to outline the …

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13. 05. 2019

Due diligence: What to check before buying a company

The term “due diligence” is an established term within M&A (transactional) advisory that refers to the legal, economic, financial or technical review of a company that is subject to a transaction (often referred to as a target). The specifics of each transaction require an accurate, thorough and tailor-made due diligence, which increases the pressure on …

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