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20. 01. 2023

Register of beneficial owners in 2023

During the last year, there were again significant changes in the field of register of beneficial owners. The obligation to actively identify and register data on persons, who in fact own or control legal entities and other legal arrangements, is relatively new in the Czech legal system. Due to the absence of historically tested national regulation and …

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21. 11. 2022

The upcoming directive on cybersecurity and the most important changes to the legislation

A proposal for a new Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council on measures to ensure a high common level of cybersecurity across the Union (hereinafter as the “Directive NIS2“) is currently being prepared at the level of the European Union. The text of the draft Directive NIS2 is currently being finalised and …

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15. 10. 2021

New Rules on Personal Data Transfer outside the EU

The cross-border transfer of personal data is a phenomenon without which international business cannot perform, and is common not only in global platforms such as SaaS[1] solutions, but also in the in-house data management of multinational corporations within shared systems (CRM, HR, etc.). In general Most contracts regulating or relating to the transfer of personal …

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31. 08. 2021

Selected aspects of reporting under the bill on the protection of whistleblowers

The government bill on the protection of whistleblowers (Parliamentary Document No. 1150) (hereinafter the “Whistleblower Protection Act”) is intended to bring a number of innovations to the Czech legal system in the area of protection of persons who report an unlawful act of which they become aware in connection to their work. Introduction Although the …

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