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18. 07. 2024

Amendment to the Transformations Act: what is changing?

The long-awaited amendment to the Act on Transformations of Commercial Companies and Cooperatives (hereinafter the “Transformations Act”) brings about significant changes to the legal regulation of transformations with effect from 19 July 2024. Although the amendment is primarily a reaction to an EU Directive[1], some of the changes brought by the amendment are the result …

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20. 06. 2024

Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CS3D)

The European Parliament has approved the Directive on Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence (CSDDD) or CS3D (the “CS3D”)[1] . The CS3D sets out rules for the conduct of large corporations with respect to human rights in their operations, including production, employment and subcontracting chains. About CS3D in general CS3D obliges companies to mitigate the negative impacts …

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27. 05. 2024

Legal specifics of the lease of logistics and storage facilities

Proper and efficient logistics and warehousing have always been, and still are today, at the heart of any trade in goods and one of the indicators of a successful business. Any complications in these areas can have major implications for the liability and financial stability of businesses. In this article, we shall examine the basic …

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05. 04. 2024

Obligation to distribute profits in a limited liability company?

Until now, it has been disputed whether the general meeting of a limited liability company can decide to keep all profits made in the company, even though there are no serious reasons for not distributing the profits among the shareholders. The current decision of the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic, Case No. 27 Cdo 1306/2023 of 29 …

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