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23. 01. 2023

The benefit of a trademark for business – an investment that pays off

Everyone knows or at least has a general idea of what a trademark means and what its main purpose is. But how does a trademark actually work in practice and what are its main advantages? In which cases should entrepreneurs not neglect to register a trademark and how to choose it correctly? The answers to …

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20. 01. 2023

Register of beneficial owners in 2023

During the last year, there were again significant changes in the field of register of beneficial owners. The obligation to actively identify and register data on persons, who in fact own or control legal entities and other legal arrangements, is relatively new in the Czech legal system. Due to the absence of historically tested national regulation and …

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13. 12. 2022

Amendment to consumer law – impact on business activities and e-shops

Consumer law will be affected by a number of significant changes on the basis of Act No. 374/2022 Coll. amending the Consumer Protection Act and the Civil Code, which was published in the Collection of Laws on 7. 12. 2022. In particular, the new legislation regulates the publication of user reviews, the method of notification …

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12. 12. 2022

Amendment to the transformations act

In line with the Government’s Legislative Work Plan for this year, the Ministry of Justice has submitted a draft amendment No. 1423/22 (the “Draft Amendment“) to amend Act No. 125/2008 Coll., on Transformations of Business Companies and Cooperatives, as amended (the “Transformations Act“). The proposal is intended to simplify the process of national and cross-border …

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