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Kategorie: Business Law

15. 10. 2021

New Rules on Personal Data Transfer outside the EU

The cross-border transfer of personal data is a phenomenon without which international business cannot perform, and is common not only in global platforms such as SaaS[1] solutions, but also in the in-house data management of multinational corporations within shared systems (CRM, HR, etc.). In general Most contracts regulating or relating to the transfer of personal …

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23. 09. 2021

Emerging insolvency from the perspective of statutory body members and restructuring in the Czech legal environment

This article is a loose follow-up to our previous article on the increased risk of liability of members of the statutory body in the event of bankruptcy of a business corporation under the new legislation effective as of 1 January 2021. The aim of this article is to provide members of the statutory body of business corporations …

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17. 06. 2021

Certainty of the business activity (scope of business) of a business corporation according to the current case law of the Supreme Court

On 12 May 2021, the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic issued a decision under Case No. 27 Cdo 3549/2020 (hereinafter the “decision“), which deals with the necessary certainty of the registration of the business activity (scope of business) in the Commercial Register. The common practice until the issuance of this decision was that business …

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10. 05. 2021

Filling financial statements in the collection of documents – new sanctions and requirements

Together with the amendment of the Act No. 90/2012 Coll., on Business Companies and Cooperatives (the Business Corporations Act), as amended (the “Business Corporations Act”), a relatively significant and fundamental amendment of the Act No. 304/2013 Coll., on public registers of legal and natural persons and the register of trust funds, as amended (the “Register …

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