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28. 02. 2024

ESRS standards – S in ESG

In addition to environmental impacts, which you can read about in the previous article “ESRS Standards – E in ESG”, which can be found at the link here another area that ESG addresses is social factors or social responsibility. Although environmental factors receive the most attention across business, government and the general public, it is the …

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13. 02. 2024

ESRS standards, reporting content and general reporting information

The CSRD, the European Union’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, will gradually introduce new obligations to provide more detailed and comparable information on the sustainability of companies and the non-financial aspects of their business from 2024. ESRS (European Sustainability Reporting Standards) provide guidance on what information companies will be required to report and how. The obligation …

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12. 02. 2024

Unjust enrichment from a contract that only one party knew had been terminated

In practice, it is quite common to encounter a situation where the contracting parties unknowingly continue to perform the contract on both sides, even though the contract has already expired and none of the original contracting parties is obliged to perform under the expired contract. When one of the original contracting parties discovers that for …

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24. 01. 2024

On the reasons for the employer’s withdrawal from the competition clause

In its recent decision of 13 December 2023, Case No. 31 Cdo 2955/2023 and published on 11 January 2024 (hereinafter as the “Decision”), the Supreme Court of the Czech Republic dealt with the conditions of the employer’s withdrawal from the agreed competition clause in the employment contract, where it departed from its previous decision-making practice …

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