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14. 04. 2020

Insolvency proceedings in the anti-virus veil – the German way out of the insolvency spiral

The Czech Parliament is currently discussing a draft bill to mitigate the impact of the coronavirus epidemic in the justice sector (the so-called “lex COVID”). One of the main topics of the crisis regulation is the area of insolvency law in which the filing of creditor insolvency petitions as well as the obligation to file …

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28. 02. 2020

The Recent Development of the Draft Law on Collective Proceedings

On 24 February 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the prepared draft law on collective proceedings, and it will be submitted to the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The draft law clearly aims to transpose the forthcoming Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council. This article will briefly outline and evaluate …

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17. 04. 2019

Czech Supreme Court’s new decision brings fundamental news in corporate law

Recently, the Czech Supreme Court has issued a groundbreaking decision file no. 27 Cdo 3885/2017 of 27 March 2019[1], in which it provides a legal analysis of fundamental and frequently discussed topics in the corporate law. You will find below a summary of important information and further description of opinions made by the Supreme Court in the …

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15. 04. 2019

Collective actions in the Czech Republic?

At present, the Government of the Czech Republic is discussing a draft law on collective actions, which is intended to regulate the collective proceedings, including the legal enforcement of judgments and possible collisions with insolvency proceedings. The law should enable the effective enforcement of rights collectively, thereby reducing the risk of different legal assessments of …

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