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Štítek: Association of social responsibility

12. 08. 2021

How do we help achieve SDGs?

As a law firm, PEYTON legal does not have a wide scope in the performance of SDGs as entities operating in other spheres.  Nevertheless, PEYTON found a loophole to help others and remain within the strict limits of law practice. “Given that PEYTON legal is a law firm, where the fulfilment of other SDGs objectives …

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30. 07. 2021

How to become a partner for achieving SDGs?

As we informed our team is a part of SDGs Beach Volleyball Cup 2021 held by the Association of Social Responsibility in August. The non-sports part of the tournament promotes the idea of sustainable goals (SDGs). What are SDGs? What are SDGs? Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and …

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26. 07. 2021

PEYTON legal participated in the creation of the sustainable e-shop Nakup na Dobro!

Today, a unique socially responsible e-shop Nakup na Dobro from the Association of Social Responsibility and the social enterprise Ergotep was launched. As part of the campaign on Hithit.cz, we became its partners and we also provided pro bono legal services as part of its development and preparation for live operation. Many thanks for participating …

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23. 07. 2021

Sustainable development – we play for the Partnership for the SDGs!

The SDGs Beach Volleyball Cup 2021 on Císařská louka will take place for the second time on August 13, 2021 and it is behind the corner. The tournament is organized by the Czech Association of Social Responsibility and PEYTON legal as a proud member and partner of the Association signed up and put together a …

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