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How to become a partner for achieving SDGs?

As we informed our team is a part of SDGs Beach Volleyball Cup 2021 held by the Association of Social Responsibility in August. The non-sports part of the tournament promotes the idea of sustainable goals (SDGs). What are SDGs?

What are SDGs?

Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals were introduced by the United Nations in 2015 and help to solve the economic, social, and environmental problems of our planet. The SDGs eradicate extreme poverty, combat inequality and injustice, and protect our planet from climate change. The plan aims to improve the conditions and quality of life for all people by 2030.



SDGs have been created at the international level and primarily target national governments. However, their purpose is to involve as many companies, organizations, and individuals as possible in the implementation. SDGs are an opportunity for large global companies, medium-sized enterprises, non-profit organizations, schools, and cities, to show how they help to actively fulfill the principles of the SDGs. The SDGs oblige each of us to be responsible inhabitants of the planet.

How to become a partner for SDGs?

The SDGs are friendly prepared for all thus giving the helping hand to a more sustainable world is easier. One of the tasks of each team is to choose a sustainable goal to play for throughout the tournament. Another task of the teams is to inform about sustainable goals. The PEYTON legal team has decided to play for a global goal 17 “Partnership to meet goals”.



“Given that PEYTON legal is a law firm, where the fulfilment of other SDGs objectives would be quite problematic, if not impossible, we opted for objective 17, as it best describes the benefits that PEYTON legal can offer. Enthusiastic lawyers from PEYTON legal help with several partner projects and pro bono activities, where we provide our professional services where necessary, with an emphasis on projects that have a positive impact on our surroundings,” concludes Jakub Málek. 

The issue of meeting SDGs does not only concern large companies but also individuals or even children. Through our behaviour, each of us can help with partnership and cooperation in the environment, whether it is a family, school team, job, or society. Everyone can actively encourage others, thus helping not only the social group but also to meet global goal number 17.

What can a child do for a Partnership to SDGs?

  • Take homework as a team affair. When works with other family members, everything goes better.
  • When playing games or playing sports with friends, notice what he can do through cooperation.
  • Find videos on the Internet that show how collaboration between people has brought something good.
  • Think with friends, parents, and teachers about how they imagine a world in which everyone would live well.

What can an individual do?

  • Discover and share Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Support those who support society.
  • Volunteer for various events in your community.

How can company help?

  • Create and develop global partnerships for sustainable development.
  • Share your experiences with others.
  • Implement the fulfilment of the SDGs into the company’s strategy and talk about the possibilities of their implementation with your suppliers and other companies.
  • Maintain a partnership between your company, government institutions, and the civil sector.
  • For bad partnership relationships, try to correct and settle them.

Read more about Sustainable Goal 17 and find a way, how to actively help with the fulfillment:



If you want to test your bits of knowledge about SDGs, you should try the “Game for better World” provided by the Association of Social Responsibility.




30. 07. 2021