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18. 03. 2020

Closure of operations or demand reduction – labour law impacts (COVID-19)

The government has on 12 March 2020 declared an emergency status for the Czech Republic for 30 days by Resolution No. 69/2020 Coll., due to health threat associated with coronavirus (COVID-19). Subsequently, the government adopted a number of crisis measures that that have caused among other things complete or partial closure of selected operations, office or …

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28. 02. 2020

Impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) spread on employers

The media is currently full of reports regarding the spread of so-called coronavirus (more precisely COVID-19) around the world. The virus is now also present on the European continent, and the prognosis suggests further spread. The aim of this article is not to spread panic but rather to provide basic insight into the issue of …

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28. 02. 2020

The Recent Development of the Draft Law on Collective Proceedings

On 24 February 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic approved the prepared draft law on collective proceedings, and it will be submitted to the Parliament of the Czech Republic. The draft law clearly aims to transpose the forthcoming Directive of the European Parliament and of the Council. This article will briefly outline and evaluate …

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