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13. 05. 2019

Due diligence: What to check before buying a company

The term “due diligence” is an established term within M&A (transactional) advisory that refers to the legal, economic, financial or technical review of a company that is subject to a transaction (often referred to as a target). The specifics of each transaction require an accurate, thorough and tailor-made due diligence, which increases the pressure on …

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01. 03. 2019

The protection of whistleblowers in the Czech Republic?

On 18 February 2019, the Ministry of Justice of the Czech Republic submitted a proposal of a new law – an Act on Protection of Whistleblowers[i] to the Czech Government. The legislator has been repeatedly dealing with the issue of the whistleblowing (i.e. reporting or disclosing information on a wrongdoing obtained in a work-related context), …

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