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Partnership to achieve the goals – Sustainable goals in PEYTON legal

PEYTON legal will once again participate in the SDGs Beach Volleyball Cup organized by the Social Responsibility Association. Beyond the performance aspect, the tournament promotes the idea of sustainable goals (SDGs).

What do we mean by SDGs?

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a set of 17 goals introduced by the United Nations in 2015 to help address our planet’s economic, social, and environmental challenges. The SDGs provide a roadmap for eradicating extreme poverty, tackling inequality and injustice and protecting our planet from climate change. The roadmap containing the SDGs aims to improve the conditions and quality of life for all people in the world by 2030.

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The SDGs were developed at the international level and primarily target national governments. However, their purpose is to involve as many companies, organisations and individuals as possible in their implementation. They are an opportunity for large global companies, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises from the region, including non-profit organisations, schools and cities, to show how their business and activities are helping to actively implement the principles of sustainable development. The SDGs commit each of us to being responsible citizens of the planet.

PEYTON legal and sustainable goals

Incorporating law practice into the SDGs goals is not an easy task, but certainly not impossible. Even as a law firm, we have found ways to contribute in the context of sustainability and helping society.

This year, we have again decided to play for Sustainable Goal #17 – Partnership to Achieve the Goals. This goal best describes our firm’s philosophy, which is to have our attorneys work on a variety of pro bono partnership projects that have the best impact on our community. And these pro bono activities are the primary means by which we contribute to sustainability.

When it comes to fulfilling SDG 17 – Partnership to Achieve the Goals, PEYTON legal is active on several levels, both through its own activities and by supporting those who further the SDGs, as well as providing legal services in projects that fulfil the SDGs as well as ESG standards.

An unmistakable aspect of PEYTON legal’s work is the effort to provide pro bono (free) legal services to those who need it because they are somehow disadvantaged and in a difficult situation, both individuals and non-profit or contributory organizations.

As part of our pro bono advisory services, we must not forget to support the activities and functioning of the Corporate Social Responsibility Association and its important projects, such as the SDGs Awards (https://www.spolecenskaodpovednost.cz/ceny-sdgs/) and the Global Goals Summit, or legal support for the sustainable e-shop Buy for Good (https://www.nakupnadobro.cz/), which also won the sustainable e-shop award in the prestigious Shoproku competition.

PEYTON legal continues to run the Food Legal Aid project, which provides assistance and free basic legal advice in areas both general and specific to food business operators in difficult times of constraint due to the COVID-19 pandemic and Russian aggression in Ukraine (https://help.potravinycesko.cz/).

In addition to this platform, we also regularly answer questions in the legal advice section of the Legal Space website (https://www.pravniprostor.cz/poradna), whereby we provide people with valuable advice and legal counsel, particularly in areas of employment law.

In addition to providing pro bono legal services and supporting the Corporate Social Responsibility Association, at PEYTON legal we do not forget about direct support and philanthropy.

As part of Giving Tuesday, we decided to organize a clothing collection throughout the Futurama Business Park office park for the St. Theresa’s Asylum House, located in the neighbourhood of our offices in Prague-Karlín, which provides accommodation for homeless people and helps them to learn the habits necessary to be able to maintain long-term housing. The collection was a great success and provided a supply of clothing for the shelter for most of the winter season.

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To support Ukrainian citizens in the context of Russian aggression in Ukraine, we have decided to help in several ways.

  • PEYTON legal donated a financial gift of CZK 100,000 to Ukrainian children within the framework of the project Aid to Ukraine under the auspices of UNICEF.
  • In addition to financial aid, we also focused on material aid. PEYTON legal employees donated sleeping bags, toiletries, and sundaes for the children as part of the 4ukraine.cz initiative.

Managing partner of PEYTON legal, Jakub Málek, participated in two meetups organized by our client ATACCAMA for Ukrainian citizens seeking employment and refuge in Ukraine. Jakub provided legal advice not only on labour law issues.

  • PEYTON legal also officially joined the free legal aid initiative under the auspices of the Czech Bar Association, where it helped several Ukrainian citizens with their legal questions.

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More information on specific activities can be found on our website.

Become a partner in meeting the Sustainable Goals

The issue of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals is not only about large companies but also about individuals. Each one of us can contribute to partnerships and cooperation in the environment in which we find ourselves, whether it is our family, school, work or society. Everyone can be the one who actively encourages others to partner and cooperate, thereby helping not only the social group they are in, but also the achievement of Global Goal 17.

Find out more about SDG 17 and how you can actively help achieve it here:


If you want to test your knowledge of global goals, try the Game for a Better World (https://www.hrazalepsisvet.cz) from the Corporate Social Responsibility Association.