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Legal aid for food still helps!

Legal aid for food, the pro bono project of our law firm, which was established in cooperation with the Food Chamber of the Czech Republic, still helps and provides free basic legal advice in general and specific areas for food business operators. “The main impulse for the project was that we wanted to offer free legal aid to an important segment of the economy. We considered maintaining food production at such a time and reducing the burden on their producers to be an important value,” adds Jakub Málek.


The project is available on the web (https://help.potravinycesko.cz/) and aims to provide basic legal advice during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially to Czech food business operators and other food producers who are affected by the current crisis or are making huge efforts to maintain supplies to businesses and residents.

The website contains a database of asked legal questions and the answers given to them, sorted into individual topics. The database is created from individual queries of interviewers and can be searched in it.

If the user does not find the answer to their question, they can ask it on the website via the “Ask” button.


“We plan to keep the project functional in its current form, ie to keep it free, transparent and clear. The time will be specific and turbulent, so we think that maintaining security is the most important thing. We do not currently want to predict what the development will be like with the COVID-19 pandemic, but we will run the project for as long as necessary. If it is certain that the pandemic has subsided, we plan the know-how that we will gather as part of the project to publish and keep it available to the public,” presents Jakub Málek, partner of PEYTON legal.


The activities of the Legal Aid to Food project were also written about on the website of the Association of Social Responsibility.


The project was created with the support of Smartly and Pavel Babáček, without whom the project would not have been possible.




21. 02. 2021