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21. 01. 2021

Successful acquisition of the company DRUID CZ s.r.o.

PEYTON legal represented  the Vendeavour, a.s. group in a successful acquisition of the company DRUID CZ s.r.o., a major producer and distributor of quality food and healthy nutrition products. Its product portfolio includes also unique rolled pastries well-known on the market under the brands “Grandmother’s noodles” (Babiččiny nudle)  or “Grandmother’s pastries” (Babiččiny těstoviny). Our law …

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14. 01. 2021

The new program for entrepreneurs – COVID – Gastro

The situation regarding the pandemic of COVID-19 has not improved with the arrival of the new year. The Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade introduced a new program COVID – Gastro compensating entrepreneurs who were obliged to close or otherwise have restricted their establishments due to valid measures of the Czech Government or the Czech …

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29. 12. 2020

New rules for the distribution and payment of share of profit of business corporations

One of the fundamental rights of a shareholder in a capital company is the right to participate in its profits.  For this right to be exercised, several necessary conditions must be met, i.e., in particular the decision of the general meeting of the company on the distribution of profits and the adoption of the decision …

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22. 12. 2020

Shared work position from the employer´s point of view

This year, Act No. 285/2020 Coll. was adopted, which in particular amends Act No. 262/2006 Coll., the Labour Code (hereinafter the “Labour Code”). The law came into effect in part on 30 July 2020, but some legal constructs will not be effective until 1 January 2020, whereas one of them is also a shared work …

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