PEYTON legal

PEYTON legal is a Czech law firm. The experienced team of PEYTON legal lawyers provides complex legal services, especially in the area of business law and law of obligations for Czech and foreign clients.

Managing partner of PEYTON legal, Martin Hájek, worked as a partner of the law firm HÁJEK ZRZAVECKÝ in 2008 - 2018. He focuses mainly on M&A, restructuring, capital markets and corporate law. Prior to this period, Martin Hájek had worked for 10 years as a senior attorney in the Kocián Šolc Balaštík law firm.

PEYTON legal has a wide network of cooperating consulting companies in the area of taxes, accounting, expert services, real estate and other specialized services.

PEYTON legal provides all legal services on a professional level in Czech, English and Russian.

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PEYTON legal advokátní kancelář s.r.o.
Futurama Business Park
Sokolovská 668/136d
186 00 Prague 8 - Karlín

ID No.: 28255283
Tax ID No.: CZ28255283

Temporary phone number:
+420 778 536 353



Key areas

  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)
  • Corporate law
  • Law of business obligations
  • Real-estate law
  • Public procurement, concession, competitive bidding, subsidies
  • Food-processing law
  • Pharmaceutical law
  • Insolvency
  • Personal data protection

Further areas of expertise

  • Banking, finance, capital markets
  • Securities
  • Civil law
  • Labour law
  • Due diligence
  • IP law
  • Project financing
  • Restructuring
  • Court disputes, arbitration and administrative proceedings
  • Competition law, dawn raids

Our team

Managing partner

  • Martin Hájek


  • Petra Hájková
  • Jakub Málek
  • Miroslav Osladil
  • Maxim Obuchov
  • Tadeáš Petr
  • Jan Ptáčník
  • Pavlína Vodička Grosová

Junior lawyers

  • Ondřej Čala
  • Michal Kastl
  • Tereza Martincová
  • Štěpánka Vajdová

Legal assistants

  • Zuzana Neubauerová
  • Dominika Pašková
  • Kateřina Roučková
  • Veronika Trtíková
  • Denisa Vejmělková


  • Iveta Hryzová / financial manager
  • Dagmar Jankovičová / office manager
  • Karolína Vejrychová / PR manager